Top Five Tips for Back to High School

What you need to know as you head back to school.

By ApplyWise

March 12, 2009

Top Five Tips for Back to High School Top Five Tips for Back to High School

Learn about your schools The best applicants know their top choices-the name of the library, where students hang out for coffee after class, a star professor they’d love to take a class with. Go beyond the basics of class size and location and find out what makes your school special. The extra effort will shine through in your application.

Make friends with teachers You don’t have to sit with them at lunch, but remember that at least two of your teachers will be writing college recommendations. Forge good relationships-stay active in class discussions and keep them posted on your extracurricular activities and achievements. The better they know you, the more praise they can bestow.

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Manage your time Winning essays weren’t written in a weekend: brainstorming, drafting, editing, and sharing your work can take months. Leave yourself plenty of time to work on your essays, even if it means TIVO-ing a few season premieres. A fat envelope in the spring will be worth it.

Ace those tests Schedule your standardized tests (try to take them twice, if you can), and study up! Now that school’s back in session and you’ve got all that sunbathing out of your system, you’ll be able to motivate yourself to go through those practice tests and vocab cards.

Challenge yourself If you love science, take the hardest science classes offered at your school. If writing’s your thing, freelance for a local newspaper. Go above and beyond; show you’re not afraid to be passionate and take risks. That’s one that’s one life lesson that won’t just help you get into college, but get you through life.

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