Senior Year Blog

By Rich Coleman

June 05, 2009

Senior Year Blog

Oct. 14, 2005

Last week I was stressed out to no end. I had to finish a six page religion essay, an English essay, and a lab report in science. I guess it’s my fault that I was so stressed, since I waited until the last second to get everything done. I was in a very bad mood at the end of last week. But luckily, everything is pretty much done, so I can relax until my next load of work.

Because of all this work that’s been piled on, I’ve developed a nasty case of Senioritis already. I just have really stopped caring about school altogether. Before, an 80 on a test might upset me, now I just shrug it off. I guess the fact that I’m already accepted to a college makes me think, “Well, why try any harder? Colleges already like me.” But that’s not a good line of thinking, especially in the first quarter of your senior year.

I have seen worse cases. My friend Megan is actually counting down the days until graduation. Only 234 more days left, so says Megan.

I’m still waiting on a response from West Chester University. I sent out my application a couple weeks ago. I’m pretty sure they have rolling admissions. I forget. Maybe they don’t.

Speaking of colleges, I’ll be visiting Neumann College this Sunday, so be prepared for another extreme college visit update packed to the brim with action, suspense, and romanceā€¦ Well, I don’t know how much romance there will be, but there will be enough action and suspense to make up for any lack of romantic activity.

As for today, I have the day off from school so I plan on relaxing. I’ll probably watch a movie instead of working on schoolwork.

Good old, Senioritis. The only disease I’m glad to have.

Later, Rich

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