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Parents: Providing Help with Exam Stress

Parents: Providing Help with Exam Stress

As a parent, you can be a great asset to help them relieve stress during exam preparation.


April 21, 2009

There are many ways parents can help their students manage exam stress, including those that not only improve their ability to perform on the tests, but also help them stay healthy in the process.

One of the first things parents can do to help their students through their exams is to make sure they don’t wait until the last minute to prepare. Exam dates are typically set in the class syllabus and provided on the first day of class. Parents can help their student organize a schedule to stay on top of their work, and provide reminders throughout the semester to make sure they don’t procrastinate.

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When exam time finally arrives, shift your focus to helping your child manage the accompanying crunch-time stress. Help them avoid the typical exam-time habit of too much junk food and caffeine by sending a package filled with healthy snacks, music, stress toys, and a yoga DVD to help them stay relaxed and composed and anything else that will give them a much needed laugh. You know your student, so think of things that they will find useful.  Not only do care packages deliver fun and useful items during a stressful time, they also remind students of their parents’ love and support.

Finally, offering support is as simple as acknowledging the stress they are feeling. Help your student keep a positive attitude, and remind him or her that one round of exams is not likely to make or break their entire college career. It will all go a long way in helping your student become as relaxed and ready as possible.


Article courtesy of University Parent Media.

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