My Life as an Imaginary Scholarship Provider

A students shares how she would judge scholarships.

June 05, 2007

My Life as an Imaginary Scholarship Provider My Life as an Imaginary Scholarship Provider

As a college-bound student, I will admit that preparing for the college process takes more than good grades and activities. While students strive to find a place in the realm of academia, I believe that scholarships are a crucial element. Universally, most people concur that a decent education doesn’t come cheaply. Indeed, knowledge is power, but obtaining that power costs a shiny penny. If I ever received the delight of giving away a scholarship, I would ask students to respond to one prompt: “What inspires you?”

My inspiration (ironically) came from a respected figure in the realm of science: Albert Einstein. He stated, “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” By asking students to articulate their inspirations, I can understand what they see and feel in life. Indeed, I believe that good students can maintain stellar grades, but great students have the grades and still find inspiration to live an extraordinary life.

Want to know how scholarships are judged? Take a look.

I know very well that every student is different. We all carry our strengths and weaknesses; no individual can do everything perfectly. I intentionally created this question to be open-ended for my eligible applicants to reveal their own inspirations in life.

However, I would hold restrictions for the applicant pool. Personally, as a high school senior, I know that I am still forming my own identity, and some of my own inspirations are destined to change with age. I would only seek applications from high school juniors and seniors because I yearn to learn about what inspires the youth of America as they approach maturity. Furthermore, I would require a transcript and resumé to investigate how the student performs at school.

Unfortunately, I carry neither the money nor the energy to execute such an endeavor. However, I think my question is important for anyone to appreciate life. While life carries many joys and disappointments, only those who can seek the extraordinary in life through subtle inspirations live the most interesting lives.

Just ask Mr. Einstein.

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