My Divine Comedy: Part III

A student shares her experience of making the final college admission decision.

June 05, 2007

My Divine Comedy: Part III My Divine Comedy: Part III

When I picked up Dante’s “Paradiso” of The Divine Comedy a semester ago, I expected the souls in heaven to live the good life. I anticipated the stereotypical floating souls to eat endless buckets of fried chicken and live a carefree existence. Instead, I found Dante’s work very philosophically abstract and difficult to comprehend at times.

Therefore, when I started comparing “Paradise” of The Divine Comedy to my final decision for college, I found it difficult to make correlations. Dante used so many abstract images to describe the philosophy of heaven. On the other hand, in my life, I happily observed that the words ‘absolutely’, ‘finally’, and ‘definitely’ replaced the ideas of ‘maybe’, ‘possibly’, and ‘someday’.

At long last, I decided with great relish to attend the University of Florida. I always knew that when it came to college, I would attend one of two wonderful colleges. My top choice was always Yale University, and my second choice was always the University of Florida.

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I loved Yale because of the history. I remember that the tour guide showed one of Johann Gutenberg’s original Bibles from his first printing press. It and a myriad of other original sources were available as primary sources for research papers. I met students who told me about a club devoted to building killer robots. However, I finally decided to make Yale my first choice after seeing a plaque paying homage to William Cullen Bryant. I just read his poem, “Thanatopsis” at the time, and I wanted to attend a school which could help me write poetry of the same caliber while expanding my interests in math.

However, a rejection from my top choice college made the final decision easy. Although I was a little disappointed at first, I realized that the University of Florida was always actually a better fit. I’m not saying this to make myself feel better. The following reasons are why I shall attend the University of Florida:

1. I recognized the benefits of free college tuition, but I also discovered over spring break that I could not tolerate the cold weather quite yet. In North Carolina, I found myself wearing a ski jacket when the natives wore a light coat or sweater.

2. I am very close to my parents. The longest time I have stayed away from them was one week. While I am eager to taste some independence, I know that homesickness will loom over my imminent future. With a car at hand, I can drive home for a weekend because my house is only an hour away.

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3. Many of my close friends decided to attend Florida as well. While it’s exciting to anticipate new friends in college, I can anticipate meeting old and new friends alike.

4. The food at Florida is great. I remember dining at a cafeteria and a food court, and both my parents and I were impressed with quality and variety of food. The culinary cognoscente shall fit in quite nicely!

5. The academic curriculum is very strong. As a nerd, I intend to participate ardently. I can easily double major in math and literature while enjoying a football or basketball game here and there.

Full of relief that the process is finally over, I can see my next direction in life. The metaphorical journey of my life doesn’t appear foggy anymore. Rather, it definitely appears to be promising and clear.

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