My Divine Comedy: Part II

Coping with academics and news on college applications.

June 05, 2007

My Divine Comedy: Part II My Divine Comedy: Part II

A few months ago, I compared my actual application process to the “Inferno” of Dante’s Divine Comedy. However, in this phase of my senior year, I now find more parallels with the second canticle of Dante’s work, “Purgatorio.” Dante the Pilgrim now needs to wait and reflect upon his life to achieve perfection.

For example, the envious must sew their eyes closed with iron threads, and the gluttonous must longingly look at ripe orchards and refreshing water without eating or drinking. In a way, I am blind from seeing where my future will take me, and I am famished to know where I will eventually attend school. The stress of anticipation is a great weight upon my shoulders.

As I settle back into the second semester of high school, I often receive various letters from different colleges. Most of them merely notify me that they received my application. Others just remind me of due dates for semester grade reports. Thankfully, I no longer need to write extra essays, pull together recommendations, or remember deadlines.

When was the last time you checked your scholarship matches? See them now.

While I appreciate the end of the application process, I am frustrated that I have to wait after so much work to receive a decision. Whenever I receive this type of correspondence from a college, I only want to shout, “Just make up your mind, already!”

While Dante uses purgatory to further reflect upon the nature of mankind, I don’t want to meditate about many matters right now. I want to move on with my life. I feel as though I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with a faint glimmer in the distance of what is to come. I must endure with patience.

However, upon looking at my schedule for school, I noticed that I have an upcoming calculus test on Friday. As I mentally wince at the difficulty of some antiderivatives, I realize that I need to focus on what I have to do now. Right now, I need to ace this calculus test. Right now, I need to keep up with school because AP examinations are inching their way closer every day. Right now, I still need to continue to concentrate on my passions despite my fatigue.

Right now, life still is happening.

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