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Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options

Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options

By Kathryn Knight

December 10, 2010

Saint Louis Christian College – Florissant, MO

Saint Louis Christian College seeks to educate students while building on Christian values. The school offers full-ride scholarships to students attending class full-time as well as living on campus full-time.

The college was started by three pastors in the St. Louis area in 1956. It began as a small school with 11 faculty members and 19 students. Since then, it has grown to an 11.5-acre campus with over 300 students.

Some quick facts about Saint Louis Christian College…

  • Total enrollment is 319 students, according to
  • In 2009, 78 students applied and 42 were admitted

Costs students have to cover per year:

  • Student fees: $1,300
  • Room and meal plan: $8,200

*Full tuition scholarships are available to full-time students living on campus only.

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