Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options

By Kathryn Knight

December 10, 2010

Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering – Needham, MA

While most of the $0 tuition schools have a deep-rooted history, the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering was only recently opened in 2002. The school infuses engineering instruction with other subjects like business and entrepreneurship, arts, and humanities and sciences.

Founder, Franklin W. Olin, was able to earn admission to Cornell University through self-instruction. He later went on to establish the Olin Foundation, a Fortune 1000 Company. His success enabled him to establish the F.W. Olin Foundation, which contributed to building projects on multiple college campuses across the county as well as to the start of his school.

Some quick facts about Olin College of Engineering…

  • Approximately 85 students will be chosen for the Class of 2015
  • 567 students applied to be in the class of 2014 – 171 were admitted and 92 enrolled
  • Students come from 23 different states and five different countries

Costs students have to cover per year:

  • Room: $8,500
  • Meal plan: $5,000
  • Health insurance: $1,018
  • Laptop purchase: $2,500 (billed in two installments)
  • Student activity fee: $175
  • General fee: $250
  • Books and supplies: $750 (estimated)
  • Travel and incidentals: $1,500 (estimated)

*CORRECTION: While the Franklin W. Olin School of Engineering is maintaining their full-tuition scholarship promise to current students, it will not be able to continue with the Class of 2015. Due to the ongoing economic struggle, the school has been forced to offer the Class of 2015 half-tuition scholarships, making the total cost of one year at Olin $38,693 (includes books, laptops, fees, etc.).

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