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Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options

Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options

By Kathryn Knight

December 10, 2010

Deep Springs College – Big Pine, CA

Deep Springs College is different from most schools for a variety of reasons. First, it’s only one of ten all-male institutions left in the U.S. Second, the liberal arts college only hosts students for two years – after which, they transfer to four-year colleges and universities like Harvard, University of Chicago and Yale. Third, the school itself is a ranch, where students are responsible for cattle herding, gardening and acres and acres of alfalfa fields.

Officially founded in 1917, Deep Springs College began in Telluride as an educational project of a gold-mining, newspaper-running, bank-operating entrepreneur, Lucien Lucius Nunn. His goal was simple: he wanted educated workers in his plants so he created an education system for them. After seven years of success, Nunn was forced out of his managerial position because he was more obsessed with education than work, and the school in Telluride was closed. This prompted him to start a school in Deep Springs Valley.

Some quick facts about Deep Springs College…

  • Roughly 100 students apply to Deep Springs each year
  • Only 11 – 15 are admitted

Costs students have to cover per year:

  • Books, travel and incidentals: $2,800

*The cost of full tuition is $50,000, including room and board, and covered entirely by the school.

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