Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options

By Kathryn Knight

December 10, 2010

Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options Go to College for $0 – 13 Free Tuition Options

Throughout the past decade, the average cost of tuition has been steadily increasing at 5.6% each year, according to College Board. College costs continue to outpace inflation rates, causing families to make tough calls when searching and choosing the best education experience. Sometimes it results in students having to sacrifice their first choice.

Other times, the decision is even more difficult, requiring students to wait a few years before continuing their education.

While this is a grim picture, there are instances of a silver lining. Take, for example, the 15 or so colleges in the country that offer free tuition. That’s right – students pay $0 for the education they deserve.

Most of these schools are able to offer free tuition because of the large endowment on hand. Others, get a little creative, requiring students to work 15 hours a week to sustain campus operations.

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