Don't Quit Your Day Job -- Study Part Time

By Susan Aaron, The Learning Coach

September 03, 2008

Don't Quit Your Day Job -- Study Part Time Don't Quit Your Day Job -- Study Part Time

Working and going to school at night is no picnic: Getting a degree seems to take forever, and the toll on social and home life should not be dismissed either. Nonetheless, working and being a part-time student is the best option for many ambitious employees.

Bring the Work World into the Classroom

Many graduate programs prefer that students have some work experience under their belts to provide an outside reference for what is being taught in school. Working students:

  • Enjoy a dynamic work-school experience. They can translate their education into the workplace immediately, becoming better workers.
  • Can enhance the classroom experience by providing salient questions and real-world applications to classroom learning.

More Time for Learning

Stretching the program completion time may actually be a benefit. Working students:

  • Have longer timeframes over which to network and make their presence known at school.
  • Have more time to absorb a school’s philosophy. Spreading courses over time means a deeper understanding with each successive course.

Get the Company Involved

Workers getting more education are usually more desirable employees. Often, companies are willing partners in an employee’s learning experience. Working students:

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