College Career Centers Provide More than Jobs

Your college career center isn't just for graduating seniors.

By Kathleen Carmichael, Ph.D., and Tavia Evans

March 06, 2009

College Career Centers Provide More than Jobs

You may think your school’s career center is only for senior year. But throughout college the career center can help you choose a major, secure a summer internship or find a job after graduation.

Explore Majors and Careers

“We help people look at themselves,” says Jennifer Kimbarovsky, career counselor at Northwestern University’s career development center. “We want to help students discover who they are in a work-related sense, what are their skills, values and motivations, and how they could apply them to a future career.”

Use the resources your career center provides to research job options that match your interests and personality.

  • Self-Assessment Testing: Take the Strong Interest Inventory Test or the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. Most career development offices offer these tests which match your interests with a major or career track.
  • Career Research: Get access to the best online and print resources for researching careers and companies.
  • Informational Career Lectures: Ever wondered if you’d like a career in public relations, advertising or consulting? Check your career center’s lecture schedule to meet with professionals in the fields that interest you.
  • Alumni Contacts: Career counselors can connect you with alumni working in different fields—a great way to get “insider info” on careers.

Job-Hunting and Work Experience

“Work with a career counselor to develop a job search plan,” says Dianne Siekmann, associate director for employment services at Northwestern University. “Your career counselor can help you structure a timeline to finish your resume and cover letter, practice a mock interview and keep track of the employers you contact.”

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