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College Admission & Application Checklist

College Admission & Application Checklist

Check out this college admission and application checklist and stay on top of your college search.


March 09, 2009

Why attend college?

You will learn skills that will help you both on and off the job.
A person who attends college generally earns more than someone who doesn’t.

How can I go about choosing a college?

Colleges are located in big cities, suburbs, and small towns throughout the country. Some enroll tens of thousands of students; others enroll only a few hundred. Some are public; others are private. Some private institutions are affiliated with religious institutions; others are not. Some schools enroll only women, others only men.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want to go to college?
  • What do I hope to achieve in college?
  • Do I have some idea of what I want to study or which career/job interests me the most?
  • Do I want to live at home or go away to school?
  • Do I prefer being in a big city? A small town?
  • Would I be happier in a small college or at a large university?

Download the Application and Admissions’ Checklist (pdf).

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