Best Scholarships from America's 10 Best Colleges

Spoiler alert: Three colleges came in tied at number seven and two tied at number five, omitting eighth and ninth place!

September 10, 2013

Best Scholarships from America's 10 Best Colleges Best Scholarships from America's 10 Best Colleges

How do you classify the college experience? It’s not easy but, apparently, is possible. Keep in mind that experts urge students to take all college rankings with a grain of salt – because not everyone is the same person, so the “best” fit for an individual will naturally differ.

It’s still fun to see who made the list, though! In addition to the list, Fastweb also researched the scholarships at each of the universities within the top ten to help you see what’s available in terms of financial support.

Many of the top schools merely have financial aid programs based on need or merit alone, but we’ve included all of the information available to help you make an informed decision on your college options.

Rankings were based on a variety of factors – academic value, location, campus life, available financial aid and mission are among the factors taken into account. (You can see all of the criteria here.)

According to U.S. News & World Report, the following are the top ten best colleges within the United States.

(Spoiler alert: Three colleges came in tied at number seven and two tied at number five, omitting eighth and ninth place!)

10. California Institute of Technology

Check out California Institute of Technology’s Stamps Foundation Scholarship.

7. University of Pennsylvania; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Duke University

University of Pennsylvania’s scholarships as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology scholarships are need based.

Check out Duke University’s University Scholars Program.

5. University of Chicago; Stanford University

University of Chicago offers the UChicago Charter School Scholarship, Odyssey Scholarship and Merit Scholarship.

Stanford University offers financial need scholarships as well as other types of scholarships.

4. Columbia University

All Columbia University scholarships are need based.

3. Yale University

All Yale University scholarships are need based.

2. Harvard University

All Harvard University scholarships are need-based.

1. Princeton University

Check out Princeton University’s Endowed Undergraduate Scholarships and the William G. Bowen Merit Fellowship.

Do these rankings affect your college choices? How much weight does it hold on your decision making process?

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