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Warm Winter College Choices

Warm Winter College Choices

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

January 13, 2011

University of Arizona

Our last pick is University of Arizona, which is for those students that prefer cacti and canyons to sun and surf. Average Arizona temperatures at this time of year are in the 60s and 70s.

Like University of Miami, University of Arizona has typical outdoor recreation opportunities for students. It’s the surrounding area that really enables students to soak in the year-long warm weather.

Students at Arizona, have plenty of natural wonders at their disposal. TripAdvisor provides a great list of all the local attractions, which includes the Sabino Canyon and Golden Gate Mountain.

Winter Colleges…

We don’t want to discriminate so if you look ahead to the freezing temperatures all year long, we’ve found a few schools that make the most of winter with activities like snowboarding, cross country skiing, and dog sledding:

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