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Top 10 Scholarships of Winter

Top 10 Scholarships of Winter

By Chris Diehl

January 14, 2015

Don’t let winter’s chilly weather get you down. Warm up with these winter-themed scholarships.

Note: Many of these scholarships are school-specific. Also, you may not be eligible for all scholarships. FastWeb recommends that you check the scholarship sponsor Web sites for availability and eligibility.

Snowboard Scholarship
Hit the half-pipe with your pockets full of cash by applying to this snowboarding scholarship, which is open to students at Sierra Nevada College. You’ll have to join the ski/snowboard team in order to qualify.

Thomas A. Macari Ice Hockey Scholarship
Forget crosschecking and slashing. Pass up this scholarship and you’ll get hit with a five-minute major. This scholarship is a one-timer any hockey player can appreciate. Open to hockey players at the University of Rhode Island.

Jocelyn Botterell Staton Scholarship
Winning a scholarship is sort of like landing a triple axel: It requires a lot of hard work and patience. Open to female students at Georgia Tech. First preference is given to students who have demonstrated achievement in figure skating and is renewable with a minimum 2.5 GPA.

AccuWeather Undergraduate Scholarship
When the latest winter storm hits your area, do you race to your computer or television to monitor the Doppler readings? If so, you’re a perfect candidate for this meteorology scholarship, open to undergraduate sophomores (or higher) who are majoring in operational meteorology.

Marion Richter Nordic Ski Scholarship
If the words “cross country” make you rummage through your closet for your skis, this is the award for you. To qualify, you must be a female student at Alaska Pacific University, have an interest in Nordic skiing and be a member of the APU ski team.

Bernard Steur Scholarship
If you secretly smile at people who buy scarves to keep warm while you’re purling through a back loop, you might be interested in this scholarship, which is available for textile engineering students at Philadelphia University who have a strong interest in knitting.

Winter Wonderland Scholarship
No, it won’t be necessary to build a towering snow castle or defeat the Abominable Snowman to win this award. All it takes is a minimum 2.0 GPA and enrollment in at least six credit hours at Tomball College.

Ruby Ashby Snowman Memorial Scholarship
Have your carrot nose, charcoal eyes and sticks for the arms all set to go? Sorry to disappoint you, but they won’t be necessary. However, you can win this award by being a full-time student and Maine resident who is majoring in education and attending the University of Maine at Presque Isle.

The Merlyn D. Freeze Memorial Endowment Scholarship
We’re pretty sure that Merlyn isn’t related to the villain of Batman fame, so we are proud to endorse this scholarship which provides assistance to students taking classes in the field of tool and die making. You must have a GPA of 3.0 or above and attend Carl Sandburg College.

Frosty and Cynthia R. Frease English Scholarship
There’s no way we’re leaving out a scholarship named after Frosty Frease, maybe the greatest winter-themed name ever! To apply, you must be an outstanding full-time junior majoring in English at the University of Northern Colorado who shows demonstrated ability and academic promise.


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