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Tip to Scholarship Success: Master the Basics

May 15, 2009

Patti Ross knows what makes a successful scholarship application. It’s
not necessarily the intricacies of a scholarship application essay.
Rather, it’s mastering the basics of applying. Ross highlights the
following essentials:

  • Research—know the DEADLINES
  • Personal awareness—take a personal survey
  • Accuracy on application
  • Feedback from others

Ross can’t stress deadlines enough. Nothing looks worse for an applicant
than to turn in their materials too late. Also, make sure your students are on
top of all the required materials. Oftentimes, it helps students to create a
folder for each scholarship they’re applying for and to place the name of
the scholarship as well as the amount and deadline on the cover. Encouraging
your students to stay organized will keep them better focused and less
stressed during the college and scholarship application season. It’s also
a great time to teach them valuable time management skills.

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