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Scholarship Spotlight: DCPS Urban Education Leaders Internship Program

Scholarship Spotlight: DCPS Urban Education Leaders Internship Program

March 31, 2011

The DCPS Urban Education Leaders Internship Program (UELIP) is an intensive multi-disciplinary internship program that runs during the academic school year, administered by the Office of the Chancellor. The program is recruiting talented, entrepreneurial and committed interns and fellows who would like to explore policy in practice at the local government level, making a difference in the lives of over 45,000 public school students, principals, and central office employees.

Interns will work alongside the Chancellor’s senior staff and have a chance to be mentored by cabinet level members on leadership development, coaching and training. Interns receive extensive professional development including power lunches with leaders in the school system, school site visits, coffee talks with education leaders outside the organization, and career development panels.

This program is designed for leaders who are near completion of their undergraduate or graduate/professional degrees by the start of the program. The program is also open to DCPS high school students in grades 10-12, who work primarily on administrative tasks.

Deadline: September 23, 2011


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