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10 Summer Internships You Can Apply for Now

10 Summer Internships You Can Apply for Now

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

January 05, 2011

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual provides some of the greatest internship opportunities in the country. It’s a unique experience that not only serves as an internship but also as a mentoring process.

Many program participants work full-time during the summer and continue their Northwestern Mutual experience part-time while in school.

For more information on Northwestern Mutual internship opportunities, click here.


You don’t have to be a computer nerd to land a summer internship with Google – although if you’re looking for work experience in computer engineering, then Google recommends being a bit of a nerd.

Internship opportunities are also available in business operations, sales, and marketing.

Another internship opportunity at Google is the Google Diversity Internship Program (BOLD). This 11-week program allows students from diverse backgrounds to get a grasp on business careers at a technology company. The program isn’t just limited to work hours though. Students engage in plenty of social activities that help forge friendships between peers.

For more information on working at Google this summer, click here.

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