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10 Summer Internships You Can Apply for Now

10 Summer Internships You Can Apply for Now

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

January 05, 2011

MTV Networks

Want to rub elbows with music celebrities all summer? Or do you want to live a real-life Saturday morning cartoon session every day? MTV Networks, which encompasses Nickelodeon and CMT, are looking for summer interns to fill several locations across the U.S.

Currently, there are positions open in California, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida and New York. While internships aren’t paid, you can earn college credit – which will help lighten the class load senior year. Not only that, but you’ll be able to add the entertainment powerhouse to your list of employers on your resume.

For more information on summer internship opportunities at MTV Networks, click here.

White House Summer Internship Program

DEADLINE IS SUNDAY! You don’t have to be the President to step into the Oval Office this summer. The White House Internship Program is accepting applications through Sunday for opportunities to serve in the White House.

While the internship is unpaid, participants have the chance to receive college credit and maybe even a chance to play a little 1-on-1 on the basketball court with President Obama after work hours. To apply, you must submit two 300 – 500 word essays, a resume and three letters of recommendation.

To apply for this internship by the deadline, January 9, 2011, click here.

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