My Internship at Towers Perrin

Student describes his experience during his internship for college students

June 05, 2009

My Internship at Towers Perrin My Internship at Towers Perrin
  • Internship: Towers Perrin
  • Name: Brian Murray
  • School: Hampton University
  • Major: Business, Management
  • Internship stats: Hours per week: 35-40. How I heard about it: Through the INROADS program.

Daily routine:

“Although most of my internship for college students time period was spent learning about the company in various training and performance sessions, I also participated in the same responsibilities as other full time, salaried employees. I was placed on the client team Chicago Title and Trust, working beside several experienced team members. On a typical morning, I would come in and receive duties and instruction from my team leader. After completing my individual responsibilities, I would help out my fellow team members with any extra duties and/or special projects. Each day presented a new challenge in which I learned something valuable.”

What I got out of it:

“The most important thing I learned during my internship for college students is to always ask questions when you are unsure about something. Because I was so inexperienced as a new intern and did not want to mess up, I made sure I asked enough questions so that I knew exactly what I was doing. Through my internship for college students, I was also able to learn the positives and negatives of working in a business environment. For example, although I enjoyed working in a formal office situation, I realized that I want to work in an area of business other than consulting and administration.”

Word to the wise during internships for college students:

“Get to work early and stay after, always dress appropriately, and don’t spend a lot of personal time on the phone or Internet.”

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