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Internship Q&A

Internship Q&A

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By Peter Vogt, MonsterCollege

March 19, 2009

My son is a sophomore in college, and he wishes to take some extra classes over the summer. Should his focus be on completing a five-year program early or in having a summer internship for work experience?

I’d tell him pretty strongly to do an internship this summer — if he can get one – instead of taking extra courses and knocking a semester or two off of his five-year program.

There aren’t many “musts” where college students’ career development is concerned, but one is that today’s students simply MUST gain some field-related work experience while they’re in school. An internship would give your son the chance to start building this work experience, as a sophomore no less (which would be impressive to future prospective employers). The future “payoff” of doing an internship this summer will far outweigh a semester or two saved by taking summer courses.

Do internship opportunities include post-grads? I am trying to break into the graphic design field, but I only have student experience. All ads are for experienced designers, so I am thinking of an internship. Do you think this is a good strategy for me? Thanks!

I think that gaining experience through an internship is definitely a good idea. It will give you the opportunity to make contacts in the field and to learn about different aspects of the industry. Employers tell us they prefer candidates who have developed job-related skills and knowledge through career-related work experience.

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