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Format Your Resume

Format your resume in a way that will get it noticed.

By Roxana Hadad

June 05, 2007

Format Your Resume Format Your Resume

There is no right way to organize your resume. Different formats create different effects – and a different picture of you! Determine which format (Chronological, Functional or Combination) will put you in the best light.

Chronological Resume

In the chronological resume, job history is organized sequentially, with the most recent job listed first. Job titles and employers are emphasized and duties and accomplishments are described in detail.

Use the chronological format if:

* you have an impressive list of recent employers and/or job titles

* your job history shows progress

* you are staying in the same career field

Don’t use the chronological format if:

* you have changed employers frequently and/or have gaps in your employment

* you don’t want to emphasize your age

* you are changing career fields

To see a sample of a chronological resume, click here.

Functional Resume

Functional resumes highlight skills and accomplishments developed through work, academic and community experiences. This approach lets you group your education, experience and activities into categories that support your job objectives.

Use the functional resume if:

* you have a variety of unrelated work experiences

* you want to market skills and experiences gained through academic coursework or volunteering

* you are changing career fields

Don’t use the functional resume if:

* you have little work or leadership experience

* you are entering a traditional field (education, government, etc.) where employment history is important

* you want to emphasize your career growth

To see a sample of a functional resume, click here.

Combination Resume

The combination format merges the direct approach of the chronological format while stressing skills like the functional format. This format is great if your experience is limited, widely varied or not clearly related to your job objective.

To see a sample of a combination resume, click here.

The initial look employers will give your resume will be quick, so no matter what resume format you decide to use, be sure to put the most important points first. Craft the right resume, and it will get you noticed!

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