Before They Were Prez: Job Tips from Our Founding Fathers

Nealeigh Mitchell, Steve Berman, Saunders Moore | NonProfitPeople

February 16, 2010

George Washington

Prior Experience: Land Surveyor

The nation’s first President used his networking skills as a teenager to land him his first job surveying land in the hills of Virginia. While out on a walk with the proprietor, who happened to be a family friend, Washington impressed him so much with his energy and talents that he asked the 17 year old to lend him a hand. Perhaps it was in this job where he chopped down that infamous cherry tree.

Moral of the story: You never know who may offer you a job or when so always be prepared by talking to any and everyone about what you’re looking for in a job. Show your natural strengths and a job just might land at your doorstep.

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